Environmental Welfare


    SOC SEAD has taken special steps towards environmental awareness by promoting the shade net farming techniques and the green house terrace garden among the general public. These techniques ensure higher returns by planting vegetables and greens with the following objectives; 1)To create awareness and affect an attitudinal change in the masses for the sustainable environment.2) Encourage the people who voluntarily come forward to participate in tree plantation activities. With the rising number of buildings and the decreasing open space, terrace gardening is emerging as a great option to have the best of the green world. The natural greenhouse effect maintains the Earth’s temperature at a safe level.


    Plastic has become a menace in today’s world. Its use has become reckless and irritable to such a large extent that it is found scattered everywhere. SOC SEAD introduced the Areca Plate Production Unit– an environment-friendly project to save the environment and to promote a plastic-free nation.

This will create self-employment opportunities for women in urban areas.  Through this we encourage women to generate small savings, to work together in groups and thus promote their economic standard so as to gain a dignified life in society.