Children Welfare


A national 24 hours Free Phone Emergency out-reach service for the children up to 18 years in need of Psycho-social care and Protection, Medical, Educational, Legal, Counselling and Repatriation services are provided to the children in distress.


The neglected little ones are taken into custody and placed to adoptive parents both in India and abroad through legal procedure.


Poor children in slum and rural areas are enabled to continue their education by providing study materials, tuition fees, gifts and counseling services. These children are taken to exposure visits and camps.


The children of working women up to 6 years are provided comprehensive and cost effective day care service.

Supportive Program for Higher Education:

To help and support the young girls for realizing their dreams for higher education and to create an opportunity for students who due to poor economic problem are unable to realize their dream for higher studies and thus enable them to be good and valiant home makers of their family and the country and the world at large.